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Mini #2 - 9/13/2023

I think I've got the only mother in the world who wants her child to be an artist rather than an engineer. Art has always been my strong suit. I'm kind of a lazy bum so I never put my whole heart and soul into practicing something, but even without that I still get feverishly dedicated to my art and I still manage to be halfway decent at it sometimes. Meanwhile, I'm only halfway halfway decent at math because I've beaten myself over with it until some of it sticks, because you need math to make money. And my mom sees this, and she's right. I'm still not good at math. I'm still way better at art.

But what kind of decision would it be to become an artist in the current state of the world?

Art? Creation? The wonderful act of imparting your soul into paper and canvas? IN THIS ECONOMY?

Mini #1 - 8/30/2023

This is the first blog post! Finally, there is actually content on this website (along with the book club). I put out ver 1.0 two days ago, but I had so much momentum going I put out 1.1 the very next day. Updates won't be that quick in the future- the home page was just bothering me.

So, my idea for this, for mini blogs, is that they'll be short n sweet. Proper long-form posts will have dedicated pages, and stuff about books I'm reading will go into Book Club. I'm going to start making content for the site, and slow down the new code progress. Next for code I think I'm going to add a music player to the home page. I have a good idea for making it look cool.

This is the beginning of the Mini Blogs.

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